Amex ready online casino for smartphone / tablet

amexAmerican Express is an amazingly popular, global payment provider that is a solid method for funding your mobile casino account. American Express, also known as AMEX around the world, is one of the big three credit cards in the world, along with Visa and MasterCard.  Its popularity with mobile and online users has a lot to do with their high deposit allowances and their very low overall, annual card fees.  This makes it a real favorite for mobile casino high rollers.

At the moment for players from Europe it’s not possible to deposit with Amex at quality online casinos. Use ewallets like Neteller, Skrill or Click and Buy in the time being.

AMEX features a state of the art encryption process that allows for highly secure payments to be processed, 24 hours a day. Mobile casinos are big fans of working with American Express, although tight banking regulations in some countries may change that soon.  In general, credit cards can truly create a much higher risk for both the mobile casino providers, as well as the banks. Casinos like to have their players use debit cards to fund accounts, over credit. American Express should stick around in the mobile casino funding game for some time, however, thanks to its globally tested verification process.  This includes requesting photo identification along with initial deposits to some mobile casinos, which may seem annoying, but only helps to secure that your payments are legitimate. American Express credit cards can also be used to make withdrawals from casino accounts as long as deposits were made with the same exact card number.  Even with the slight hassle of the high security process for Amex transactions, the American Express credit card is a wonderful funding option for mobile casino account holders.